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Hand-built clay inflatable swans and other creatures serve as trompe l’oeil metaphors of contemporary life. Whether filled or deflated of air, when placed within teacups and organic shapes, they suggest the clash of modern culture and artifice with nature. These ceramic forms exist in a landscape that reflects a view of life as an internal conflict of paradise and purgatory.

inflatable ceramic swan on mirrored puddle by Linda S Fitz Gibbon
ceramic, string, mirror
17" x 9" x 8.25"
ceramic plate self portrait with inflatable swan by Linda S Fitz Gibbon
12.5" x 13" x 3"
ceramic rubber duck by Linda S Fitz Gibbon
8" x 6" x 4"
Wedgwood Cup Runneth Over Series, deflated ceramic swan, sailboat, and compass by Linda S Fitz Gibbon
21" x 18" x 15"